Your Create-Build-Learn party questions answered…

When you are considering booking a party or event you will have lots of questions to ask. Hopefully this page will answer most of them, if not please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

How do I book a party or event?

All you need to do is contact us by:

What do I need to do?

Well firstly you contact us to book Create-Build-Learn for a party or event. You then book a school/village hall for example. We will come to your home but will need an approximate amount of floor space for the Racing Car party see below:

  • 15sqm (for up to 10 children and 1 ramp along will all our other equipment)
  • 25sqm (for up to 20 children and 2 ramps along with all our other equipment)

We won’t need as much space for the other parties.

We are only the entertainment though so you will need to arrange the party food and cake for before or after.

How many children do you cater for?

If it is a party we will entertain up to 30 children for most parties but less for some themes or if it in your home.

If it is an event we will be able to work with more depending on what you require.

Are the parties fun?

Oh yes! Otherwise there would be no point!

What equipment do you provide?

We basically bring everything we need, boxes and boxes of building bricks, themed
LEGO® or DUPLO® bricks, colourful mats for the children to build their creations on, lots of examples of pre-built models  for children to look at (all built by children!), with sweet prizes, a certificate for the birthday child and a present for all children..

All you need to supply is the space and the food!

What will happen at a party or event?

The children will have fun, fast warm up challenges to get them going using toy building blocks then they will create characters or scenes depending on the theme or race their cars down our huge ramps. All in all the entertainment will last for 1.5 hours so you have time for food and party bags.

Can you provide invitations?

Yes we can. We will email you invites with your booking forms.

Is it safe?

We have done everything to ensure our activities are safe for children and we also have public liability insurance.

Are you DBS checked?


Can the children take the things they have made home?

I’m afraid the children won’t be able to keep their creations (we will need them for the next party) but they do receive a present at the end of the party.

How long does a party last for?

Our bit lasts for 1.5 hrs then you can have the food and cake.

How do I pay?

We ask for a£50 deposit initially to secure the booking via online transfer. we then ask for the balance a week before the party or you can pay the balance on the day in cash.

What areas do you cover?

Click on Locations to see all the areas we cover. This isn’t exhaustive so if you’re not sure give us a call.

Do I need to book hall first?

You are best to contact us first to check our availability before you book a hall

Do you only do birthday parties?

We do lots of things other than parties and they are all great fun. have a look around our website for details.

Can girls have a party as well as boys?

Of course they can, we are also developing some more themes so watch this space…

I can’t find the answer to my question?

Contact us and we can help