LEGO® Therapy for Schools/Seniors

LEGO®-Based Therapy for Schools

Lego®-Based Therapy is a social development programme for children with autism spectrum disorders or related social communication difficulties. Children work together to build Lego® models through structured play and have the opportunity to develop social skills such as turn taking, collaboration, social communication. It is also an effective intervention to help develop speech and language skills.

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LEGO®-Based Therapy Training for Schools; We offer onsite training for members of your staff to enable a sustainable intervention

LEGO®-Based Therapy Packs for Schools; We offer fully resourced packs developed by Create-Build-Learn to enable schools to implement the intervention quickly. The packs have built in progression with bespoke models and instructions.

“LEGO® Based Therapy is definitely something worthwhile for children with social communication, ASD and speech and language needs and for children with a range of other special educational needs. It is something we as a school will continue to embed within our school to support children’s needs.”

Hannah Miller; SEN Co Dickens Heath

LEGO®-Based Therapy for Seniors

We work in care homes and the wider community to deliver fun, inspiring workshops for seniors using LEGO® and Duplo® .
Our workshops deliver a mix of structured and free building sessions to help promote cognitive activity and develop fine motor skills.
The structured LEGO® resources are specifically designed to be larger and easy to follow and the builds range from easy to more complex to allow for progression and capability.
The sessions help foster imagination by working with LEGO® with different themes, shapes, sizes, colours.
The sessions often spark conversations about the past and links to life experiences and families, helping to keep memories alive.

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