The perfect party ideas for your children!

If you are on this page you probably have or know children that enjoy building creations from their imaginations and would love a LEGO® party.

How do you go about arranging a LEGO®  party with us?

Well firstly you book Create-Build-Learn for the fun, fast and imaginative entertainment. You then book a school/village hall or we can come to your home as long as there is enough space.
Our fun packed LEGO® party will last for 1.5 hours which gives you time for food and the all important cake and party bags for the remaining half an hour. So 2 hours of fun in total!
Most of our parties are for children 5+ except for our Duplo party which is for 2-4 year olds

Take a look at our parties below

If there is a theme you really want but it isn’t listed get in touch and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Car Racing LEGO® Party

The children have great fun, starting with building challenges and then moving on to making really cool cars from a huge selection of car parts.

Pokemon LEGO® Party

Become the best ‘Trainer’ and battle your wits against other ‘Pokemon’ in cool Gyms in this action packed party!

Ninjago LEGO® Party

Become a fearless Ninjago and use your special powers of fire, ice, lightning, earth, creation or water to defeat the Underworld! Build your own spinners and battle!

Knights & Castles LEGO® Party

Create the most amazing castle and use your knights to defend it from the enemies that want to invade!

Ninja Turtles LEGO® Party

Children can pretend they are Ninja Turtles in this cool, crime-fighting party, using our huge amount of LEGO®

Jurassic World LEGO® Party

Create your own huge Jurassic World display with loads of ferocious dinosaurs!
Watch out though don’t let them catch you!

Scooby Doo LEGO® Party

The adventures of Scooby Doo and the Haunted House!
What mystery will Scooby Doo and his team have to overcome this time?

Super Heroes LEGO® Party

Children can pretend they are Super Heroes in this action packed party!

Pirate LEGO® Party

Cross the seas on your Pirate ships in search of LEGO treasure!
This party is action packed with loads of Pirate Lego to make some AMAZING Pirate scenes!

Minecraft LEGO® Party

This party is awesome as children build their own Minecraft worlds using bricks and bring them to life with our cool Minecraft figures.

Star Wars LEGO® Party

Do your children love LEGO Star Wars? Then this is the party for them.

Party With LEGO® Friends

This is a fun LEGO Friends party for all those cool girls and princesses that love to imagine and create.

Harry Potter Lego Party

Harry Potter LEGO Parties. Click here to see more

Angry Birds LEGO® Party

If your children love Angry Birds then this is the party for them!

LEGO® City Party

This is a fast, fun-filled party which is really popular with children (boys and girls) of all ages from Reception age and beyond!

Ghostbusters LEGO® Party

Build the ghosts then a super Ghostbusters car to suck them up!
Don’t forget the ghostbusting team of minifigures that will help you!

Super Mario LEGO® Party

Have fun building your own Super Mario LEGO® game. Once the game is complete pick a cool Mario figure or one of his friends, jump in a LEGO® car and play your game.

DUPLO® Party (2-4yrs)

Fun, imaginative Duplo® parties for children aged 2-4 yrs. Inspire your Tiny Engineers!