School Workshops

We offer interactive, imaginative LEGO® workshops for children in primary school from Nursery to Y6. Our sessions are created and delivered by a qualified teacher and cover a broad curriculum range. Workshops facilitate problem solving, teamwork, co-operation, speaking and listening. They are often used to stimulate a piece of writing, as an introduction or climax to a topic, to help consolidate skills, for special events (e.g. Father’s Day) or just for fun. We have so much
LEGO® and experience that we can cover almost any topic a school asks for

Example Class workshops:

Wow Workshops – Topic themed LEGO® Big Builds to begin or end a topic with a huge WOW factor of LEGO® (We can link to most school topics)

Building Adventure Stories – Help inspire young minds to write with a Lego workshop linked to a theme of your choice. The children think they are playing but they are actually creating stories!

Class books and LEGO® – Link a Lego workshop to a class book you are reading to help consolidate understanding

Gears and Levers workshop- Learn about Gears and Levers in this fun
LEGO® workshop

Lego Animation– Learn about how to create a story through Lego Animation and get amazing results that the children will be proud of!

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School Events

You can book us to run special events in your school for your children and events for parents and the wider community. Here are some examples below

Family workshops – This is great way for developing relationships with parents and carers and is always really popular. A Father’s day event for example is great for getting dads into school

Special or Seasonal events – Events linked to sporting events or seasonal events (e.g.Christmas) are great fun and can be run with individual classes or as a school project.

Attendance workshops – Reward good attenders with a fun Lego workshop

INSET training workshops – Develop teamwork through Lego workshops for your staff

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“The children were immediately engaged with the process. All groups loved the freedom of being able to select from a wide range of LEGO, but with certain parameters. Each group produced something original to them. The choices enabled me, as a teacher to see a range of behaviours to do with co-operation and creativity.
The children were utterly engaged throughout, and I hope to build on the opportunity by using the story created in the workshop in forthcoming writing.

Wendy Turner; Teacher, Colmore Infant and Nursery School