“The Best Ever”

Yesterday was Liam’s dream party – in his words ‘the best ever’ and he wanted to know if he could have a lego party every Sunday! He hopes one day he will have as much lego as you. A very big thank you Collette, you have made my son a very happy little boy. The party yesterday was a great success, enjoyed by all (parents included) and has dominated the conversation at school today. The children were buzzing and loved all the activities you did with them. Several children commented on wanting a lego ramp for Christmas! Some of them still want to know whether you live in a house made of lego! I have had so many parents congratulating me, or I should say YOU, on such a great party and wanting to know more about you and Create-Build-Learn. The parents who stayed at the party said they couldn’t believe that 20 children could be kept so engaged – so thank you – we were all super impressed. Thanks also to your husband and your amazing son, who was not only fantastic with the children, but such a lovely young man. I know for sure that we will return to Create-Build-Learn again for another party! Thanks Collette – you and the team at Create-Build-Learn are amazing – and we highly recommend a lego party for all boys and girls. It definitely is a must have party!
Hope the above is okay Collette for the testimonial. Just to reiterate, we were super impressed, so a very big thank you to you and your family. The party was truly amazing – it is a great concept and I wish you every success with it.For sure I will be in touch again to organise another party in the future.